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Business Studies and Business related Degrees and a Quota for the 2018 Entry

The Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) wishes to draw applicants’ attention to the fact that it will be continuing with a subject quota for Business and Business related Degrees for the 2018 entry. This is necessary due to the over-subscription of these degrees on the various Professional Master of Education (NUI) programmes, which are available in the four National University of Ireland Universities (UCC, UCD, NUI,G & MU).

The subject quota will apply to all applicants with any Business Studies, Commerce and Business related degrees that are deemed eligible by the Teaching Council (see here).

If you have any of the following subjects in your level 8 degree programme, then you will be put into the quota system: Business, Economics, Commerce or Accounting.

It should be noted that each of the four NUI Universities will now allow a maximum of 10% of available places for such applicants.

Where there are more applicants than places PAC will award the limited number of places to those with the highest points score based on the PAC assessment criteria.

The system used to determine an applicant’s points score is given here.

The PAC reserves the right to add or remove qualifications, based on its determination that a degree programme falls within the aforementioned quota system.