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The application system for 2019 and how it will work

PAC will introduce a new application system for the 4 constituent universities of the National University of Ireland (NUI – UCC, UCD, NUIG & MU) for 2019 intake. The new system will be subject based and each university will have a selection of subjects available to choose from when applying through the PAC website.

The applicant will be asked to select the university/universities they wish to apply to and then the subjects they wish to teach based on their eligible Level 8 degrees.

We have taken an example to highlight how this new system will operate. The two subjects in question are English and French. These two subjects are available in each of the 4 NUI universities. If an applicant wishes to apply to all 4 universities with these 2 subjects they will be presented with a list such as the list below:

UCC – English
UCD – English
NUIG – English
MU – English
UCC – French
UCD – French
NUIG – French
MU – French

The applicant is asked to list these in order of preference by assigning a number from 1 to 8. (1 being the most preferred, 8 being the least preferred).

It is important that an applicant applies for the above courses in genuine order of preference. Applicants should put the course that they prefer the most as the number 1 choice and continue that process until they have filled all the preferences. Applicants can apply for a maximum of 2 subjects. When it comes to the offer stage of the process, the applicant will be offered the highest choice to which they are entitled, if any, based on our points scoring system.

Applicants for the Máistir Gairmiúil san Oideachas (NUI) at NUIG should choose course code PEG02 if wishing to choose a preference for that course. PEG02 (MGO) is not subject based.