The Teaching Council

Important Notice for Applicant Post-Primary Teachers

Following its establishment on 28 March 2006, the Teaching Council assumed responsibility for the recognition of teaching qualifications and the Registration of teachers.

Section 30 of the Teaching Council Acts 2001-2012 , which came into effect on 28 January 2014 , stipulates that only registered teachers can be paid a State salary. The current requirements for registration are set out in the Teaching Council[Registration]Regulations 2009. Regulation Four, which relates to post-primary teaching, requires that applicants hold an eligible Level 8 degree or equivalent on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) obtained following a course of study of at least three years full time study and carrying at least 180 ECTS. The degree must comply with the minimum requirements as published by the Teaching Council which will enable the holder to teach at least one of the approved subjects at the highest standard within the curriculum as approved by the Department of Education and Skills.

  1. Hold an eligible Level 8 third level degree or equivalent that meets The Teaching Council registration requirements for at least one post-primary curricular subject. A self-declaration form will be required to be filled out online during the application process for each proposed teaching subject, and then will be submitted at the end of the application form.
  2. Hold a recognised teacher education qualification i.e. the Professional Master of Education.
  3. Satisfy Evidence of Character Requirements including Garda Vetting. You must complete a Garda vetting form.

Failure to match the specific requirements will deem your degree ineligible for the purposes of Registration, on completion of your Professional Master of Education.

Please note also that teachers will only be eligible to be registered to teach subjects for which they meet all the subject Special Requirements. Registration cannot be granted for a subject studied in Year 1 of a degree and subsequently dropped. Likewise taking a subject methodology as part of your Professional Master of Education will not entitle you to be registered as a teacher of that subject.