Teaching Council Registration - Degree Eligibility

  1. Only applicants with level 8 degrees (or equivalent) on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), which meet the Teaching Councilís registration requirements for at least one post-primary curricular subject will be offered places on the Dublin City University - DC905 Professional Master of Education programme which will commence in September 2019. The Teaching Councilís registration requirements for all post-primary curricular subjects can be found here.
  2. It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure their level 8 degree is eligible for the purposes of registration as a Post-primary teacher and you must make a declaration to this effect on the subject declaration form.

    To confirm if your degree is eligible you should:
  3. It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm that their level 8 degree is eligible for registration to teach at Post-primary level and PAC will NOT be held responsible if a graduate of the Professional Master of Education is refused admission to the Register of Teachers on the basis of an erroneous declaration.

  4. In examining your degree programme, it is essential that you
  5. If having consulted the Councilís curricular subject requirements you are still uncertain about any issue regarding the suitability of your degree by the Teaching Council, you should contact the Teaching Council directly. It can be contacted at the following address:
      The Teaching Council
      Block A
      Maynooth Business Campus
      Co. Kildare
      Telephone: (01) 651 7900
      LoCall: 1890 224 224
      Fax: (01) 651 7901
      Email: info@teachingcouncil.ie
      Website: www.teachingcouncil.ie
  6. The Teaching Council does not advise applicants on issues relating to the allocation of Professional Master of Education places or operational procedures of the Postgraduate Applications Centre.

    NB: Applicants should ensure that they complete the online Professional Master of Education (Dublin City University - DC905) Application Form correctly. Applicants should also ensure that their recognised level 8 degree programme is accurately listed on the Application Form. The PAC cannot accept any responsibility for mistakes made by applicants when completing the Application Form.

    Admission to the Professional Master of Education [PME] and/or completion of said programme does not necessarily guarantee registration as a teacher in Ireland, or in any other country. National University of Ireland authorities, therefore, bear no responsibility for ensuring that PME graduates meet requirements for teacher registration. It is the responsibility of the international applicant to ensure that the PME is recognised as teacher training qualification by the country in which they plan to teach.