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Postgraduate Applications Centre - PME FAQ

Yes, there are two pages that need to be completed. Click here for page 1 or here for Page 2.
The application fee is €80 up to and including 01 December 2017. The late application fee is €120 up to and including 16 February 2018. This online processing fee is payable to PAC and is non refundable.
Standard Applications – 01 December 2017.                                   Late Applications - 16 February 2018.    Applying before Friday 1st December or after this date will not impact or affect your application in any way. The only difference is the application fee is increased.
You will be eligible if your degree is at level 8 and you have met the Teaching Council requirements for at least one subject. If your degree level is not stated on your transcript you must provide clarification that you hold an Eligible Level 8 Degree.
Please refer to the website: The Teaching Council Subject Registration Requirements.
In the case of overseas applicants, you will need to get clarification from Quality and Qualifications Ireland (formerly NQAI) regarding your degree.

  • Standard applications - 8th December 2017
  • Late Applications - 23th February 2018

Academic Transcripts Mandatory Upload at application stage

An academic transcript is a document from a college or university showing final marks achieved and awarded.

Graduate applicants are to upload a full set of transcripts showing all marks for all years.

Undergraduates are to upload a set of transcripts showing all marks to date. Final year marks are uploaded at a later date if you have been successful in being offered a place. Only one set of transcripts is required, regardless of the amount of courses you have applied for.

Applicants should upload a copy of their Diploma Supplement to PAC if they have one.

Postgraduate Qualifications

This can either be a Masters, Higher Diploma or Phd. A copy of the final award is sufficient in this case. If you do not have the certificate/parchment available, a copy of the final transcript will be fine. Please note that all postgraduate qualifications must be completed and awarded by the 1st of December in year of application.

You do not need to have actually had the graduation ceremony, proof that you have successfully completed the course and have achieved all that is required to be awarded the qualification is sufficient.

Relevant Qualifications

This can be either a certificate or diploma that is one year full time or two years part time in duration. It must have been completed by the 1st of December in year of application. A copy of the award is sufficient.

Proof of Work Experience

A specific work experience form is provided in a link on the receipt page at the end of the application process, as well as in the FAQ section. It is also available when your application has been completed, log into your account and it is located on your application status under the important notes section.

This is to be printed off and given to your employers to fill out and stamp. If it is not possible to get this filled out, tax documents will suffice.

Birth Certificate/Copy of Passport - Mandatory Upload at application stage

A copy of your birth certificate or passport is required.

All other supporting documents must be uploaded within 7 days of completing your application online.

Do not upload any of the following documents as they will not be considered part of the application:

  • Personal Statements
  • Academic References
  • Curriculum Vitae

A completed employer reference form (download here) is also required, if you have indicated you have relevent work experience.

Click here to download the Checklist form.

The Subject Self Declaration form is to be filled out online during the application process. This form cannot be updated once the application is complete & submitted online. There are a number of mandatory questions on the form which must be filled out.
After you have submitted your application fee payment details on the online application system, you must print the Application Receipt. The Application Receipt page will include your PAC application Number. You can also log onto the PAC System, and select 'My Account' on the top navigation menu. Your complete and incomplete applications will be displayed here.
Your HEI will be in the best position to confirm the NFQ level.In terms of ECTS credits HEIs have acknowledged that three year honours degrees are equivalent to 180 ECTS. By definition, this equates each year of study to 60 ECTS credits.  Thereafter, it is a matter for the HEIs to confirm if all modules are of equal weighting. in such cases, an applicant can complete the form in the knowledge that 10 modules per year equates to 6 ECTS credits per module or 6 modules per year equates to 10 ECTS credits per module.
The Teaching Council cannot make assumptions as the NFQ level of the degree or the ECTS weightings. If these are not shown on the transcripts, it is the responsibility of the applicant to have the same confirmed by their university and/or QQI (in relation to degree level).
Yes.  You can complete the residency aspect of the requirements during the PME. However, all other requirements including the literarture requirements and the B2.2 CEFR competency level must be met prior to entering the PME. Graduates will not be registered with the Teaching Council unless they provide evidence of residency.
Yes. If you are in the final year of your degree or completing further studies to enable you to meet the Teaching Councils regstration requirements for a curricular subject, you can record details of these ongoing studies, including module title and ECTS credit weighting provided all relecant studies will have been successfully completed prior to taking up a place on the PME.
You will receive an email alert from the Postgraduate Applications Centre to check your application status on the “My Account” section of the online application system. It is vital that you give the correct email address on your online application and that your email account is working. It is also important that you check your email regularly.
If you have completed a module that contains the study of more than one area, you should divide the ECTS credits for that module between the areas as accurately as possible. Your HEI may be able to guid in this regard or a breakdown may be provided in the relevant module descriptor or course handbook.
The duration of the PME course is 2 years full time.
Applicants whose native language is NOT English, the appropriate minimum score in one of the following English Language Examinations must be obtained. Other results of examination may be considered but must indicate competence of the standard outlined below.
1. IELTS 6.5 - TOEFL score:
          90 - 91 (internet based test)
          232 (computer based test)
          550 (paper-based test)
2. IELTS 6.0 - TOEFL score:
          79 - 80 (internet based test)
         213 (computer based test)
          550 (paper-based test)
3. International English Language Testing System (IELTS):           IELTS 6.5 - with no individual section lover than 5.5
4. University of Cambridge: Advanced Certificate, Grade B; Proficiency Certificate, Grade C
5. English Test for Academic and Professional Purposes (ETAPP): with Grade C1
6. University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES): With English at grade C or above (incorporating the Oxford Examining Body`s English as a Foreign Language (Higher Paper)
The following are the list of teaching subjects that each university supports.

Univsersity College Cork :
Accounting, Biology, Business, Chemistry, CSPE (Civic Social and Political Education), Economics, English, French, Gaeilge / Irish, Geography, German, History, Italian, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Religious Education, Spanish.
Maynooth University :
Accounting, Agricultural Science, Applied Mathematics, Biology, Business, Chemistry, CSPE (Civic Social and Political Education), Classical Studies, Economics, English, French, Gaeilge / Irish, Geography, German, History, Italian, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Religious Education, Spanish.
University College Dublin :
Accounting, Agricultural Science, Biology, Business, Chemistry, CSPE (Civic Social and Political Education), Classical Studies, Economics, English, French, Gaeilge / Irish, Geography, German, History, Italian, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Physics and Chemistry, Spanish.  NUI Galway :
Accounting, Applied Mathematics, Biology, Business, Chemistry, CSPE (Civic Social and Political Education), Computer Studies / Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Economics, English, French, Gaeilge / Irish, Geography, German, History, Italian, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Religious Education, Spanish.
Applicants experiencing difficulties making an online application can contact the PAC at
Postgraduate Applications Centre,
1 Courthouse Square,
Tel: +353 (0)91 549260
Fax: +353 (0)91 563056
Ensure that you have www.pac.ie set up as a trusted site on your internet browser. See 'Help' on your browser for instructions on how to do this. Please note that if you are using Netscape you may also need to set Internet Explorer as your rendering engine.
No, you must complete an online application. You will need a working email address to use this facility as all correspondence with regard to your application will be communicated to you by email. If you do not have access to a personal computer or at work, maybe try a relative or a friend. Internet facilities should also be available at your local library or at an Internet cafe.
Applicants using webmail email addresses, please note if you have the high junk mail filtering option in your email account, emails from the Postgraduate Applications Centre may be flagged as Junk. You will need to either reduce the Junk mail filter or else add the Postgraduate Applications Centre (info@pac.ie) email address as your safe sender.