Postgraduate Applications Centre - NUI Galway FAQ


Yes, there are two pages that need to be completed for both taught and research programmes.

Click here for Taught page 1 and here for Taught page 2

Click here for Research page 1 and here for Research page 2.

You fill in an online application form and then post in (to PAC) other supporting documentation in hard copy format.

To complete an online application:
Web Address:
Logon to the PAC system*
Select Option: NUI Galway
Select Option: Apply

*First time PAC Users must create a PAC login user name (email address) and password before making an application, please select the appropriate login register section located on the right navigation menu of the PAC home page.
Yes. The first page of the application form, with the exception of entering a student number, must be filled in. After this point your application can be saved at any time. Thereafter, to complete your application you have already saved, go to the My Account section of the online application system.
Please look at sample application form in Q1 above to see what you are likely to be asked during the application process
After you have submitted your application fee payment details on the online application system, you must print the Application Receipt. The Application Receipt page will include your PAC application Number. There is also a facility on the Application Status page to view your PAC application(s).
The online application fee (using a debit or credit card) is €50.00. Paying at a later date is possible, by a debit or credit card costing €50.00 or by bank transfer costing €55. The online application processing fee is payable to PAC and is non-refundable. Note that your application will not be processed until the date the Postgraduate Applications Centre receive your application fee payment (please ensure you secure a certificate of postage when posting your application fee). Payments by Bank Transfer should be made immediately after submitting your online application. Important: if you opt to pay your application fee at a later date, your application will not be released to NUI Galway for review until your payment has been received by PAC.
By credit/debit card or by direct bank transfer only (details will be given as you proceed through the online system). We do not accept personal cheques or postal orders.
Applicants using webmail email addresses, please note if you have the high junk mail filtering option in your email account, emails from the Postgraduate Applications Centre and NUI Galway may be flagged as Junk. You will need to either reduce the Junk mail filter or else add the Postgraduate Applications Centre ( and NUI Galway email addresses as two of your safe senders.

Please click here to see what requirement (if any) is specific to your programme. Your receipt at the end of the online process will highlight which items you must upload via the "My Account" link or post in. Note that documentation submitted cannot be returned

We recommend that you send in all supporting documentation as soon as possible, as in some instances, a programme director may not be able to review your application until it's complete.
Please click here to see what requirement (if any) is specific to your programme. Your receipt at the end of the online process will highlight which items you must post in. Note that documentation submitted cannot be returned.
If you’d like previously-submitted-documents (non-returnable) appended to a new PAC application, then you must contact PAC by e-mail to make this request. You need to give them your previous and current PAC numbers so they can match your applications. You must also clearly outline for them which documents (e.g., transcript, reference) you want to “re-submit”. Please note PAC only hold records for current year + two preceding. So this service cannot be offered for any application made older than that.
You will be given the relevant download link during the online application process. You can also download the form here.
This varies from programme to programme. You should anticipate being asked for two referees—at least one of whom must be an academic referee. If you have graduated some years ago and are unable to get an academic reference, a professional reference may suffice. Also, see Q11 above.
In some instances closing dates for various programmes may be extended. Please refer to online closing date page for updates.
You will receive an email alert from the Postgraduate Applications Centre to check your application status on the My Account of the online application system. It is vital that you give the correct email address on your online application and that your email account is working. It is also important that you check your email regularly.
Web Address:
Select Option : NUI Galway
Select Option : My Account facility
To view current application status: Click on 'Status'

The "My Account" facility will hold information on updates on your application and the final decision on your application.
You can make (up to) three taught programme choices OR (up to) three research programme choices (to include Research & Structured applications) via the PAC online application system. If you want to make extra applications, you must create a second account on PAC (using a different email address), and another application fee will apply.
In the event of a programme being cancelled, you are entitled to make another course choice at no extra cost to yourself. You must contact the Postgraduate Admissions Office in NUI Galway by e-mail to request the deletion of the cancelled programme from your choices and tell them what your new course choice is.
Did you give your correct email address (check your PAC Application Receipt)? Has your e-mail account exceeded its limit? You may need to delete some junk/unwanted e-mails to free up space, so PAC-related e-mails can reach you. Is your email account working? If yes (and you are still not receiving e-mails), then you should contact the Postgraduate Applications Centre directly at 091-549260.
In general, 4 to 6 weeks after the closing date.
No, you must complete an online application. You will need a working email address to use this facility as all correspondence with regard to your application will be communicated to you by email. If you do not have access to a personal computer at home or at work, maybe try a relative or a friend. Internet facilities should also be available at your local library or at an Internet cafe.
Ensure that you have set up as a trusted site on your internet browser. See 'Help' on your browser for instructions on how to do this. Please note that if you are using Netscape you may also need to set Internet Explorer as your rendering engine.
The academic year you may be assigned to will depend on the proposed start date of your research proposal. If it falls before early-Summer 2018 it is likely (on approval and acceptance) you will be admitted to the 2017-18 academic year. After summer-2016 you will be entered into the 2018-19 academic year.
A Structured PhD is “a graduate programme of study undertaken by PhD students that maintains a research-based education, but one that is augmented by activities that support the acquisition of a range of relevant specialist and generic skills” (IUQB 2009). A Structured PhD may include some transferable, discipline specific or generic skills training. Your studies, therefore, may have some “taught” components. You may also do your PhD by pure research. As with all PhDs, the core component of a structured PhD programme is “the advancement of knowledge through original research”. A full-time PhD (including Structured PhD) is four years in duration. The PhD can be taken on a part-time basis and is six years in duration. Not all Structured PhDs will be offered on a part-time basis which is also six years in duration. Some examples of Structured PhD programmes which are available in part-time mode are (Perception, Cognition and Action) and Doctor of Philosophy in Film, Television and Digital Media. For more information visit:
No, you are not required to complete an application on PAC. You would need to contact your supervisor in regards to a transfer.
If your supervisor is not listed, please email to request your supervisor is added.
You will need to shut down your pop up blocker while using the site or else allow popups from the PAC website. Refer to the instructions on your blocker for information on how to do this.
If you wish to cancel a particular course choice on your postgraduate application to National University of Ireland Galway, there is a cancellation facility on your PAC Application Status for NUIG. Web Address: Logon to the PAC system using your email address and logon password Select Option : My Account facility To view current application status: Click on Status To cancel an application course choice, click on the Cancel option across from the course code.