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*First time PAC Users must create a PAC login user name (email address) and password before making an application, please select the appropriate login register section located on the right navigation menu of the PAC home page.
No, you must complete an online application. You will need a working email address to use this facility as all correspondence with regard to your application will be communicated to you by email. If you do not have access to a personal computer or at work, maybe try a relative or a friend. Internet facilities should also be available at your local library or at an Internet cafe.
Yes, there are 2 pages that need to be completed. The format varies for research and taught applications, sample application forms can be found here:
You fill in an online application form and then upload (electronic copies to PAC) or post in (to PAC) other supporting documentation in hard copy format.
Yes. The first page of the online application form, with the exception of entering a College student number, must be filled in. After this point your application can be saved at any time by clickinig the ticking the save option at the bottom of the page. Thereafter, to complete your application you have already saved, go to the “My Account” section of the online application system and select the Continue option for your Incomplete application.
Please look at sample application form in Q2 above to see what you are likely to be asked during the application process. Please look how to check your application status in Q17 below
In any one year, you may not present more than ONE application to UCC’s taught postgraduate programmes and one application to UCC’s research postgraduate programmes. You may include up to THREE programmes in your taught application and THREE programme choices in your research application.
If after applying, you wish to add more course choices/programmes to your application and you have NOT applied for the full cohort of THREE course choices:-
  • IRISH/EU TAUGHT APPLICANTS can add course choices if the closing date has not passed through their online PAC Status section of their MY ACCOUNT
  • IRISH/EU RESEARCH APPLICANTS should contact the Graduate Studies Office, UCC directly to enquire, (email:
  • NON-EU APPLICANTS should contact the International Education Office directly to enquire, (email: and your request will be considered.
Maybe you have typed the letter O rather than the number 0. A course code consists of 5 characters. The first two are CK, an alphabet letter and two numbers, e.g. CKC02
ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTARY QUESTIONS: Please note that there are additional supplementary questions to be completed ONLINE for certain Research programmes and taught postgraduate programmes. The additional online Supplementary Questions are a vital part of the application procedure for these programmes and applications to these programmes cannot be considered, if the required special supplementary questions are now completed when applying online. If applicable to the programme(s) you are applying for, the Supplementary/Additional Questions link will be highlighted (when you insert the Course Code) on the first page of the application.  If applicable to your course choices, applicants must also complete all mandatory additional questions before being allowed to proceed to the payment section of the application.
Yes, applicants can partially complete the additional questions for a course choice and click on SAVE ANSWERS and return to complete them later.  The ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTARY questions are final once the applicant agrees to proceed to the payment option of the online application.  In addition to saving the additional questions answers, the applicant should also save the first page of the online application before exiting the application completely (see FAQ 4 above).  To return to complete the application again, applicants login to PAC and click on Application Status anc select Continue application.
The online application fee (using a debit or credit card) is €50.00. Paying at a later date is possible, by a debit or credit card costing €50.00 or by bank transfer costing €55. The online application processing fee is payable to PAC and is non-refundable. Note that your application will not be processed until the date the Postgraduate Applications Centre receive your application fee payment. Payments by Bank Transfer should be made immediately after submitting your online application.
In addition to a credit Card, payments by Visa and Laser, there is also the option to send payment by Bank Transfer, payable to Postgraduate Applications Centre, with an extra processing fee of €5. Therefore, the total cost of a non-Credit Card payment is €55

However, please note that your application will not be processed until the date the Postgraduate Applications Centre receive your application fee payment. Payments by Bank Transfer should be made immediately after submitting your online application.
Did you give your correct email address (check your PAC Application Receipt)? Is your email account working? Applicants using webmail email addresses, please note if you have the high junk mail filtering option in your email account, emails from the Postgraduate Applications Centre and University College Cork may be flagged as Junk. You will need to either reduce the Junk mail filter or else add the Postgraduate Applications Centre ( and University College Cork ( email addresses as two of your safe senders. If you are a Non-EU applicant please add ( If you are still not getting emails, then you should contact the Postgraduate Applications Centre directly at 091-549260.
After you have submitted your application fee payment details on the online application system, you must print the Application Receipt. The Application Receipt page will include your PAC application Number. There is also a facility on the 'Application Status' section to display your PAC number and view its status.
You are not required to submit evidence of degree(s)/postgraduate qualifications pursued at University College Cork. However, if you are a current UCC student/past UCC graduate and have also completed additional degree(s)/postgraduate qualifications in another University/College, you must provide official copy documentary evidence of your non-UCC qualifications.
You must submit copies of all non-UCC qualifications (electronic copies can be uploaded via PAC My Account) or by post to the Postgraduate Applications Centre, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway, Ireland. One copy of this documentation will suffice for all course choices.
Where possible, supplementary supporting documentation should be submitted (by uploading via PAC Application Status) or by post to PAc on or before the closing date of the programme to the Postgraduate Applications Centre in Galway. If there is no closing date applicable for your application (e.g. Research applications) supplementary documentation should be submitted within seven days of making your online application.
Ensure that you have set up as a trusted site on your internet browser. See 'Help' on your browser for instructions on how to do this. Please note that if you are using Netscape you may also need to set Internet Explorer as your rendering engine.
The Preferred Start Date option on the Online application form is applicable to applications for Research Programmes only. Taught Programmes have specific start dates.
Web Address:
Logon to the PAC system
Select Option :    University College Cork
Select Option :   My Account facility
To view current application status: Click on 'Status'

The "My Account" facility will hold information on updates on your application and the final decision on your application.
You will receive an email alert from the Postgraduate Applications Centre to check your application status (on the “My Account” section of the online application system. It is vital that you give the correct email address on your online application and that your email account is working. It is also important that you check your email regularly.
If you wish to cancel a particular course choice on your EU taught postgraduate application to University College Cork, there is a cancellation facility on your PAC Application Status for UCC.
Web Address:
Logon to the PAC system using your email address and logon password
Select Option : My Account facility
To view current application status: Click on Status
To cancel an application course choice or course choice acceptance, click on the Cancel option across from the course code (please note that this does not remove the course choice from your application but updates the application status to CANCELLED, the course choice cannot be replaced by another course choice)
Non-EU Taught Applicants must contact the International Office, UCC directly to cancel their applications.
Yes applicants are considered for all course choices on their, unless they cancel some course choices. (see question 21 to cancel course choices)

Yes, applicants will still be considered for their other programme choices even if they accept an earlier offer on one course choice. If you are offered your preferred programme choice later your original acceptace will be automatically be cancelled when you accept a later offer.

Applicants can only have one acceptance on the system at any time but an acceptance can be changed to a subsequent course choice if a preferred course choice offer is made later.


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