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Instructions for WIT Taught Postgraduate Studies Application

(N.B. Read these instructions carefully before proceeding with your application)

  1. You should familiarise yourself with the entry requirements for each programme to which you apply, as detailed in the current WIT prospectus. In particular, you should note the commencement date for each programme and the submission dates for receipt of completed applications.
  2. SUPPLEMENTARY FORMS: Please note that there are additional supplementary forms to be downloaded and completed for certain taught postgraduate programmes. The Supplementary Forms are a vital part of the application procedure for these programmes and applications to these programmes cannot be considered, if the required supplementary forms are not completed and submitted either by uploading via the "My Account" link or by post to the Postgraduate Applications Centre with your Postgraduate Application Number. If applicable to the programme(s) you are applying for, Supplementary forms will be highlighted (with the Course Code) for downloading after the payment stage of the application in the N.B Read Important Instructions Box.
  3. After you have entered your application details, you will be expected to pay a non-refundable application fee payment of 50. This payment may be made by Credit Card (MasterCard/Visa) or Debit Card (Laser). Please note non-Irish visa debit cards are not accepted. It is also possible to pay by Bank Transfer though payments by these methods are subject to an additional administration charge of 5.
  4. Each applicant may only make one application, mentioning up to four programme choices.
  5. You must have an active e-mail account in order to use this facility. It is your responsibility to check your account regularly and ensure it is active and in working order. Applicants using webmail e-mail addresses, please note if you have the high junk mail filtering option in your e-mail account, e-mails from the Postgraduate Applications Centre, Galway and Waterford Institute of Technology may be flagged as Junk. You will need to either reduce the Junk mail filter or else add the Postgraduate Applications Centre, Galway (info@pac.ie) and Waterford Institute of Technology (info@wit.ie) e-mail addresses as two of your safe senders.
  6. All communications regarding the status of your application will be sent to you via e-mail. It is your responsibility to ensure that you check your e-mail account regularly for such correspondence.
  7. The Postgraduate Applications Centre is not responsible for the assessment of your application. The assessment of your application takes place at Waterford Institute of Technology.
  8. All relevant supporting documentation (results, parchments/certificates and supplementary statement forms if applicable) you are required to provide as part of your application must be either uploaded via the "My Account" link or posted to PAC. Please submit all documentation on A4 (or equivalent) size paper. Original documentation submitted cannot be returned, only copies qualification evidence documentation are required at application stage for the Postgraduate Applications Centre. All documentation must be either uploaded via the "My Account" link or posted to the Postgraduate Applications Centre, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway, Ireland. This information must arrive by the submission date for the programme to which you are applying (or by the earliest submission date if you are applying for multiple programmes). Your application can be assessed only when this information is received.
  9. Supporting documentation or information that cannot be submitted at the time of application (e.g. future exam sittings, English language exams) may be submitted at a later stage by uploading via the "My Account" link or by posting to the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC).
  10. All applicants MUST note their Postgraduate Studies 8 digit application number which will be given to you at the final stage of the application procedure. You will need your Postgraduate Application Number to log into your Account on the PAC website to obtain updates on the status of your application. All supplementary documentation forwarded to the Postgraduate Applications Centre MUST be marked with your Postgraduate Application Number.
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  12. Students experiencing technical difficulties in making an application should contact PAC.
  13. It is strongly recommended that you save the application form regularly.
  14. It is strongly recommended that you create any personal statements in a text file for your own records and paste them into the application form.