Instructions for Applications to Public Health Nursing

(N.B. Read these instructions carefully before proceeding with your application)

  1. You should familiarise yourself with the entry requirements for the programme, as detailed in the current HSE literature. In particular, the submission dates for receipt of completed applications, supplementary forms and supporting documents.
  2. Please note that there are additional supplementary forms required by the HSE as part of the application process are as follows:

    1. HSE supplementary form 1 - Pension/Registration.

    2. HSE supplementary form 2 - Verification of post registration nursing experience.

    3. These forms can be downloaded from the PAC system and completed, signed and stamped as appropriate and may be scanned and uploaded via the completed application status or posted to the Postgraduate Applications Centre, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway quoting your Postgraduate Application Number to arrive no later than 5.00 pm Friday 22nd March 2019. Do not send documents via email as these will not be accepted.

      Please note that there are supporting documentation required by the Higher Education Institutes as part of the application process as follows:
      1. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Certificate (if applicable). Applicants whose first language or primary language of expression is not English must provide evidence that their English language ability meets the required standard for admission. The minimum required score is 7.0 on the IELTS assessment test. The test must have been completed in the last two years. For details of these English Language Proficiency Tests, see An A4 (or equivalent) size copy of the IELTS document must be sent by post to the Postgraduate Applications Centre with your Postgraduate Application Number. The original document should not be sent as it will not be returned by PAC.
      2. Academic Transcript or APEL document
        An academic transcript is a document from a college or university showing final marks (total and/or per module) achieved and awarded. Candidates must demonstrate that they have undertaken a programme of study at NQF, academic level 8. The academic transcript provided will be used as evidence to demonstrate this, which should be for the highest level award. If you do not hold a level 8 qualification (honours degree or higher diploma level 8) or you are unsure if your academic qualification is at level 8 or equivalent, see or, you must complete and submit an Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) Document. It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify the level of the course(s) previously undertaken for eligibility purposes.
      3. These documents can be scanned and uploaded to your PAC application or posted to the Postgraduate Applications Centre, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway quoting your Postgraduate Application Number to arrive no later than 5.00 pm Friday 22nd March 2019.

        Please note that there will be additional documents required at interview stage for candidates who are invited for interview.

    4. Instructions for APPLICATION to Public Health Nursing THROUGH PAC:
      1. Create PAC Login Account (first time users only) – Applicants who are first time users need to create an account before making an application. Go to the login section located on the top of the page and click on the register link. Enter your email address, password and contact details and click submit.
      2. It is strongly recommended that you save the application form regularly.
      3. It is strongly recommended that you create any personal statements or competency based answers in a text file for your own records and paste them into the application form.
      4. After you have entered your application details, you will be expected to pay a non-refundable application fee payment of €50. This payment may be made by Credit Card (MasterCard/Visa) or Debit Card (Laser). Please note non-Irish visa debit cards are not accepted. It is also possible to pay by Bank Transfer though payments by these methods are subject to an additional administration charge of €5. Your application will only be considered if you have paid your application fee by the 5.00 pm Friday 22nd March 2019.
      5. This application is for Public Health Nursing Sponsorship only. Each applicant may only make one application, mentioning up to three Higher Education Institution (HEI) choices. Applicants have the option of choosing up to three HEIs within this application (which must be ranked in order of preference 1-3). If you want to apply for another postgraduate programme within PAC, you must apply via PAC to the HEI of your choice. This will necessitate another separate application fee.
      6. You must have an active e-mail account in order to use this facility. It is your responsibility to check your account regularly and ensure it is active and in working order. Applicants using webmail e-mail addresses, please note if you have the high junk mail filtering option in your e-mail account, e-mails from the Postgraduate Applications Centre, Galway, the HSE and the HEIs may be flagged as Junk. You will need to either reduce the Junk mail filter or else add the email domains of the Postgraduate Applications Centre, Galway ( the HSE (, UCC (, UCD ( and NUI Galway ( to your safe sender’s lists.
      7. All communications regarding the status of your application will be sent to you via e-mail.It is your responsibility to ensure that you check your e-mail account regularly for such correspondence.
      8. The Postgraduate Applications Centre is not responsible for the assessment of your application. The assessment of your application is carried out by the HSE and the HEIs.
      9. All applicants MUST note their Postgraduate Studies 8 digit application number which will be given to you at the final stage of the application procedure. All supplementary documentation forwarded to the Postgraduate Applications Centre MUST be marked with your Postgraduate Application Number. Do not send documents via email as these will not be accepted.
      10. Checking your application status
      11. Once an online application has been completed, applicants should check their application status regularly for updates and final selection decisions as follows:-
        1. Go to PAC website:, then go to the Login section located on the top of the page.
        2. Enter username (email address) and password
        3. Click on button on the top of the page
        4. Click on My Account
        5. Applicants' existing applications will be displayed on screen. Click on the Status link to view your current application status and final application decisions.
        6. To Logout, click on the Logout option on the top of the page.
      12. Students experiencing technical difficulties in making an application should contact PAC.
      13. Javascript must be enabled to fill out the application form. Please click here to view instructions.