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General Information for Professional Master of Education (NUI) - PME

General Statement

Applications for admission to the courses in Autumn 2019 will be processed in accordance with the regulations, procedures and timetable described in the Postgraduate Applications Centre's Website. No applicant should attempt to complete the Form without first reading these Instructions.

Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) is agent for and acts on behalf of the universities participating in the Application System. The application regulations, procedures and timetable are agreed annually by these universities. The Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) has no discretion to set them aside so as either to afford special treatment to any applicant over another or to deprive any applicant of his/her entitlement in favour of another.

PAC is purely an administrative facility and does not endorse or recommend any one of the 5 courses listed herein. It is the responsibility of each applicant to determine the status and the suitability of any course chosen.

Instructions for Applicants

Detailed instructions for completing the application form can be viewed by clicking here

More information on the participating institutions can be found on the institution websites below

Applicants for admission to the Professional Master of Education beginning in Autumn 2019 at any one or more of the above-named Universities are required to complete a single common application form. Preferences must be expressed if applying to more than one programme. The online PME application form must be completed by Thursday 28th February 2019. The application fee is €100 and must be paid with a visa card. All supporting documentation must be uploaded by Thursday 7th March 2019 onto the PAC System. Applicants will be assessed on the basis of information supplied in the Form together with accompanying documentation.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to supply complete and accurate information.

Each offer of a place in a Professional Master of Education course will be PROVISIONAL pending verification of information supplied by the applicant and fulfilment of other offer conditions. In all cases, applicants must hold an eligible Level 8 degree (or equivalent) on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) which meet the Teaching Council requirements for at least one post-primary curricular subject.

If information supplied is found to be false or incomplete the absolute right is reserved to cancel the offer and the university will NOT accept any responsibility for arrangements, commitments or liabilities undertaken by the applicant on foot of the offer.

Applicants are asked not to approach schools seeking teaching practice until they have received an offer of a place on a Professional Master of Education programme.

Important Dates/Notes to Remember

  1. Thursday 28th February 2019 - Closing date for receipt of completed applications. The Application Fee is €100. ALL Application Fees are non-refundable.
  2. The PAC does NOT have a Change of Mind facility. However, in certain special circumstances, the PAC may allow an exception to be made. All such special cases should present documentary evidence, outlining why a change of mind should be granted. This must be done on or before 16 March 2019 at the latest.
  3. First Round Provisional Offers to be issued online on or after 01 April 2019.
    (The offer acceptance fee is non-refundable).
  4. Second Round Provisional Offers (if any), to be issued issued online by the end of May 2019.
  5. It is important to note that ALL those wishing to accept an offer of a place will have to pay a deposit of €260 regardless of whether they are entitled to a grant or not. This money will be credited to their fees account in the relevant university if they register in that college in Autumn of 2019. It is important to note that the €260 deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  6. It is strongly recommended that you save the application form regularly.

Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) will continue to issue Provisional Offers to successful applicants until all places are filled.

Admission Timetable

At time of application, you must upload supporting documentation.
Undergraduate (Final Year) Applicants are required to give the results in an overall percentage mark. An original copy or a certified photocopy of the Full Transcript/Statement of Results obtained on the completion of EACH year of study to date (not ERASMUS or equivalent) should be uploaded to PAC.
Graduate Applicants are required to give the results in an overall percentage mark. An original copy or a certified photocopy of the Full Transcript/Statement of Results obtained on the completion of EACH year of study to date should be uploaded to PAC.
Applicants should send in a copy of their Diploma Supplement to PAC if they have one.
Please ensure the information is clear and accurate. Results being submitted for assessment purposes must be in percentage (%) or GPA format only. Please submit a statement from your University confirming your ECTS if it is not clear from your transcripts.
Applicants are required to fill out the relevant subject self-declaration form(s) online during the application process, complete in full as it is not possible to update this form(s) once the application is submitted.
Applications are assessed during the period 01 March to 01 April 2019 and will be placed in order of merit. Please note that the position of a course in your order of preference will have no bearing on your place in the order of merit for that course. We will NOT be able to assess your application unless you clearly indicate that you are the holder of an eligible Level 8 degree, or in the final year of same, and furnish PAC with the required information regarding your subject(s) – via the self-declaration form(s).

Following assessment, places will be allocated as soon as possible after 01 April 2019. You will be offered a place in the highest of your preferences which your position in order of merit warrants (if any).

IMPORTANT: The offer of a place is made on the basis of the applicant declaring that they have a level 8 eligible degree which is compliant with the Teaching Council’s overall ECTS requirements. The Teaching Council will carry out a detailed examination once the PME commences and if shortfalls are identified applicants may be required to address these or in extreme circumstances have the offer of a place withdrawn.
When an applicant has been offered a place in one of his/her course preferences, he/she is excluded from further consideration for any course which is lower in his/her order of preference than the one in which he/she has been offered a place. This means that while an applicant may subsequently move upwards in his/her order of preference (if places become available) he/she will not be considered for a place in a course which is a lower preference than that already offered. An applicant who is being offered a place in a course, which is not his/her first preference, may subsequently be offered a place in a course of higher preference if such a place becomes available. This applies whether or not the earlier offer has been accepted by the applicant. It is NOT necessary to accept an offer in order to be considered for a higher preference if it becomes available later. There is no guarantee, of course, that a higher preference will become available.

Random Selection will be used where it is necessary to distinguish between applicants with equal points.

Having accepted an offer of a place, an applicant is not obliged to accept a subsequent offer. He/she may retain the original offer simply by ignoring the subsequent one.

Those who are offered a place will also be given advice on further procedures, including registration and the requirement to make their own arrangements for teaching practice.

Those who wish to accept offered places will be asked to reply within a specified period.

If vacancies remain after the First Round of offers of places, further offers will be made to fill them. Such additional offers will be made online by the last week in May.

It is advisable to regularly connect to the relevant university website(s) for any programme updates - Programme Information

Independent Appeals Committee

Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) has an Independent Appeals Committee to which recourse may be had by applicants who believe that they have been treated unfairly and whose complaints have not been resolved by the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC). Appeals must be submitted within 14 days of receipt of notification at the offer stage and should be addressed to: The Secretary, Postgraduate Applications Centre Appeals Committee, 1 Courthouse Square, Galway. They should be made in writing, accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation and they should be signed by the appellant. An appeals fee of €64 is applicable, refundable ONLY if the appeal is successful.

Deferred Entry

The PAC/PME system does not allow for deferrals.

Applicant's Undertaking

Applicants should be very clearly aware that, in completing the Online Form, and accompanying documentation, they accept all the directions and conditions set out in same and on the website. All of the Professional Master in Education (NUI) programmes are 2 years full-time in duration.

Defective Information: WARNING

The institutions participating in the System reserve the right not to consider applications, and to cancel any offers of places, in cases where requested information has not been supplied in FULL or where falsified or misleading information has been supplied.

No responsibility will be accepted for any loss or hardship arising from failure to supply FULL correct and complete information at the appropriate time.


All supporting documents for your application must be uploaded onto the PAC System, some of which are mandatory at time of application. Please refer to the documentation requirements here.

Application/Documentation Dates and Fees

FeeApplication Closing DateDocumentation Closing Date (Uploading only allowed)
Standard Applications€100Thursday 28th February 2019Thursday 7th March 2019
PEG02€100Monday 13th May 2019Monday 20th May 2019